Besides the huge restaurant scene, the nighttime fun and the endless shopping opportunities, Wilton Manors also offers plenty of outdoor daytime activities besides the world famous beaches of Fort Lauderdale.


There is an active boating community in Wilton Manors. There are also kayak and paddle board rentals available at various points on the Middle River that surrounds Wilton Manors.

You can of course go out to the ocean and fish, scuba dive, snorkel and boat.

Roseata Spoonbill


Pelicans and Alligators while famous South Florida residents are not common sights in Wilton Manors but if you live on the Wilton Manors waterways or if you go to one of the Public accesses to the water, you are likely to spot Muscovy Ducks, Herons (several different species of them), Ibises, Turtles, Manatees, Moorhens, Coots, Crabs and Iguanas. Some of these animals can be spotted too even if you don’t live on the water (Ducks, Ibises, Iguanas would be the most common).

The manatees tend to come inland during the winter because sea temperature is colder. You are a lot less likely to spot them during the Summer in the Wilton Manors waterways.

Pelicans tend to live by the Beach, the Inlets and Ports.

Alligators are most common in the Everglades but they may venture further east.


South Florida enjoys a Sub Tropical Climate type. Climate changes once you go north of Palm Beach County and the vegetation changes alongside: no more Coconut Trees or Royal Poincianas that will not survive a single day of frost.

The South Florida coastline is supposed to be frost free. Record low temperatures in the area have reached 28 F but that was further inland.

Given this blessed climate, there is no such thing as a “House Plant” in Wilton Manors. Your plants want to grown outside and that includes orchids! You have to consult with specialists when it comes to cold sensitivity for the very few colder nights we might experience but most plants will thrive outdoors in Wilton Manors and South Florida!


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