A Buyer interested in Wilton Manors Homes For Sale must consider these price points:

The median price -which is the price where half the homes sell for more and half the homes sell for less- was :

2016                       2015                  2014

$400,000        $365,000       $344,000         Any detached home 

$588,000        $499,000            $451,000         waterfront home 

$365,000         $345,000           $314,000           Non waterfront home

$315,000         $ 305,000           $275,000          Town homes

$ 134,000          $ 125,000           $127,900         Condo

Other general statistics:

Single Family Homes:

187 single family homes sold in 2016, a decrease of 10% compared to 2015 which was the highest since the downturn. The decrease was mostly located in central Wilton Manors while the East side saw a significant increase in transactions.

Prices overall were up 9.6% in 2016. They were up 14.7% in the East side of town, up 6.1% on the west side and up by 1.4% in central Wilton Manors. The median price for single family homes has now fully recovered from the collapse of 2008. That is the most vibrant market segment in town. There is an important distinction though between waterfront homes which are now 12% above the peak while non waterfront homes are still 5% below the peak.

23% homes sold were waterfront in 2016 which is consistent with the long term average.

The Eastern part of town is clearly the most expensive and for the first time the West part of town is 4% more expensive than the Central part. See below the 2016 numbers broken down per part of town per price category.

Area:                                                            West         Central       East
Median Price  $363,500      $350,000     $499,000
Below $300,000  20%            16%           3%
$300k to $400k  45%            47%          18%
$400k to $500k  27%            21%          30%
$500k to $700k   9%            12%          33%
Above $700,000   0%             5%          15%

Wilton Manors overall prices increased by 9.6% for single family homes in 2016. The market segment below $300,000 is evaporating fast while we had two homes selling above $1 million for the first time since the big recession.

In 2016, single family homes sold:

Below $300,000 were 13% of the total down from 26%
Between $300k and $400k were 36% of the total up from 34% 
Between $400k and $500k were 26% of the total up from 20%
Above $500,000 were 23% of the total up from 19%

90% sold in 2016 were built between 1950 and 1969

62% of homes sold in 2016 had a carport or no garage at all. Only 12% had a 2 car garage.

78% of homes sold had 3 or 4 bedrooms


114 condos were sold in 2016, a decrease of 10% over 2015 but overall the numbers were on par with long term trends.

The median price for condos is at the highest since the meltdown of 2008 reaching $134,000 but remains 16% below the peak of 2007 unlike homes which have now fully recovered.

What drives the increase is a shrinking of the below $100,000 market segment while condos priced between $100k and $200k now represent 66% of the market indicating once more that the Wilton Manors condo market is BY FAR the most affordable market segment. Condos priced above $200,000 represent only 17% of the market, a drop of 5% vs 2015.

Condos priced above $200,000  were all located either in Wilton Station or Island City Lofts.

Town homes:

The town home market segment is the smallest with 71 sales but it reaches new heights every year indicating it is a market segment of the future in a city where land values have skyrocketed. It is a smart alternative to single family homes whose prices are substantially higher.

Prices have gone up slightly in 2016 but are less vigorous than other market segments. At $315,000 it is still 27% below the peak which is normal considering that most town homes were sold for the first time in 2004 and 2005 when the market was at its peak.

Also, prices are up across the board with a median that went  up 11% at $305,000. Also the number of town homes sold below $300,000 dropped from 45% to 38% .


The Wilton Manors real estate market reached a peak in 2007 and a trough in 2011. It has now rebounded but median prices are still off the peaks reached in 2007, except for waterfront single family homes which are now 12% above the peak. The waterfront homes hit a trough earlier, in 2009, probably indicating that a higher desirability -due to scarcity- meant a faster recovery. The non waterfront homes were basically stable between 2009 and 2011.

  • Homes have recovered their grounds since the 2007 peak but waterfront homes are 12% ABOVE their 2007 peak while non waterfront homes are still 5% below the peak.
  • Townhomes are still 27% off their 2007 peak which can be explained by the fact that most town homes were new in 2004 and 2005 right at the peak
  • Condos are still 16% off their 2007 peak 

Wilton Manors was a true roller coaster 

  • In 2007 only 14% of homes sold below $300,000. By 2011, it was 74% and in 2016 it is back down to 13%
  • In 2007 only 3% of condos sold below $100,000. By 2011, it was 65% and in 2016 we are down to 18%!! 

With continued redevelopment projects, renovations and infill projects, Wilton Manors is looking at a bright future and is a SOLID investment.



All the statistical data on this website derive from the local MLS and the Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors Association




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